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Be Wiser Insurance Opens Third Andover Office

February 27, 2011 by J Wade

Be Wiser Insurance is expanding in the region as its third office opens in Andover. Be Wiser specialises in Car, Van, Bike and Home insurance policies and work with 26 insurance companies to ensure that they provide their clients with the best solution.

Be Wiser is still a company in its infancy. It is just 4 years old but has already expanded its office-space for a second time. Its growth has been excellent for the employment opportunities in Andover, providing many new jobs in clerical and insurance brokerage.

Being wiser after the event is something none of us can afford, so get a quote now from Be Wiser” - Be Wiser's motto.

Be Wiser have developed some innovative deals that have greatly increased their client base, such as providing free RAC breakdown cover as a part of all policies, free helmet and protective clothing for bikers and a free ID theft service on home insurance policies.

Mark Bower-Dyke is the chairman of Be Wiser explained recently that the new office at Barratt House in Andover will become the client service centre as well as house both the Insure Wiser sales team and the renewals department.

During 2010 Be Wiser grew rapidly, expanding its client base across the region. The new office space became available when the previous occupiers moved relocated to Portsmouth. Be Wiser is retaining 36 members of staff from the previous business which is ensuring that local people can continue to work in Andover.

Also Be Wiser have employed an additional 21 staff members, employing a total of 185 staff in Andover. 50 employees are under the age of 21, so Be Wiser is proving to provide excellent career opportunities of the young people of Andover.

Be Wiser encourages its staff to study for professional qualifications as well as providing a range of mandatory courses for its staff. Around 90% of their workforce hold a recognised Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) qualification already and this will help them develop their careers in the insurance industry.

This is good news for the local businesses that serve and supply the Barrett House offices.Find out more about Be Wiser's services on their website:

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