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Plans to Close 3 Care Homes in Hampshire

June 26, 2012 by J Wade

Hampshire County Council has announced plans to close 3 care homes in Hampshire including a popular nursing home in Fleet.

Hampshire County Council have identified 3 homes with “significant issues” which are currently under review:

  • Addenbrooke in Gosport
  • Thurlston House in Fleet
  • Cornerways in Winchester

While the specific issues that Hampshire County Council have identified are not known, it is thought that these 3 homes are simply outdated and may become unsatisfactory in future years as regulations and requirements are updated.

£4.5 Million Investment Required

Thurlston House on Victoria Hill Road in Fleet is a care home for the elderly and specialises in dementia and Alzheimer's care. IT provides both long stay and shorter stay care as well as respite for 49 residents and provide a range of activities for residents.

The council have stated that the 3 homes require a £4.5 million investment to update them so that they meet new standards.

Thurlston House requires around £2 million along for vital building repairs and improvements, including installing new windows, a heating system and sprinklers.

When Thurlston House was constructed in 1973 it was designed for people who had greater independence. Now many of the residents require more intensive care. Also many of the bedrooms are not accessible by wheelchair.

Currently there are 23 people permanently resident in the home, many of which are in their 80s and 90s and one lady is 103 years old.

It is thought that should the home close these residents can be moved to the new facilities at Campbell Place in in Reading Road North.

12 Week Public Consultation

There is currently a 12 week public consultation to discuss the possible closure of Thurlston House. The consultation is due to end on the 20th August 2012 and the final decision is to be made on the 21st September 2012.

Voluntary Redundancy

For the 40 staff working at Thurlston House it is expected that they will be offered voluntary redundancy, although many will hope to be relocated to alternative Hampshire County Council care homes.

Many people are now choosing to stay in a home of their own with care support, only opting for traditional residential care if their needs become much more complex. Usually the first move into care is direct into a nursing home.

Cllr Felicity Hindson explained why they made the decision to consider closing these care homes:

“Regularly reviewing the way we provide care helps us meet this new demand and be able to offer older residents more choice. Unfortunately, this also means we need to look at the future of some of the care homes we currently run.

"The more traditional residential homes we operate present a number of challenges in meeting the greater care needs of the residents in our homes, which even with improvements would still not be overcome due to small rooms and narrow corridors."

She then goes on to explain that they will be ensuring that the current residents continue to receive care and support from Hampshire County Council;

"I know that this will be an extremely unsettling time for the residents, their families and staff at Addenbrooke, Cornerways and Thurlston House. We will therefore be working very closely with residents and their families to help them understand why we are consulting and the choices that are available to them."

To view the consultation online visit

Hampshire Council are currently running a scheme called Extra Care Housing which offers elderly people with the chance to live more independently in a care environment - "have your own front door, but with care and support on hand 24 hours a day, every day". The aim does appear to be to provide more care in the community rather then residential care. While both forms of care have their merits reducing choice is not always a good option.

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